CONS.NZ is a fan-run service that provides web hosting and convention management systems for New Zealand science fiction & fantasy fandom. The system was created for Au Contraire 2013, and has so far also been used by Conclave 2, Au Contraire 2016, LexiCon, and Conclave 3.

The CONS.NZ system includes management of memberships, hotel room bookings, and budget, and creation and maintenance of a convention timetable (including tools to ensure there are no panelist clashes), alongside the display of the usual convention information, and can be customised to an appropriate look and feel for each convention.

For information about individual conventions, please contact the convention using the link below. For information on the CONS.NZ system, please email info at this domain.

NZ National Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions by Year

Convention Year Location
Continuity 2024 2024 Wellington
ReConnect 2023 Online Only
SFFANZ mini con 2022 Online Only
SFFANZ mini con 2021 Wellington
CoNZealand - the 78th World Science Fiction Convention 2020 Online Only
GeyserCon 2019 Rotorua
Conclave 3 2018 Auckland
LexiCon 2017 Taupō
Au Contraire 2016 2016 Wellington
Reconnaissance 2015 Rotorua
Conclave 2 2014 Auckland
Au Contraire 2013 2013 Wellington
UnCONventional 2012 Auckland
ConTeXT 2011 Auckland
Au Contraire 2010 Wellington
Conscription 2009 Auckland
Conjunction 2008 Wellington
Conspiracy 2 2007 Wellington
Conclave 2006 Auckland
iCon 2005 Wellington
ConTour 2004 Rotorua
EmotiCon 2003 Auckland
Con with the Wind 2002 Wellington
Odyssey Con 2001 Auckland
Con d'Or 2000 Wellington
Conquest 2 1999 Auckland
Construction 1998 Wellington
Conspiracy 1997 Wellington
Constellation 1996 Christchurch
Conquest 1995 Auckland
SiliCon 1994 Dunedin
DefCon 1993 Wellington
ShakyCon 1992 Wellington
ForryCon 1991 Wellington
ConVerge 2 1990 Wellington
Satyricon 1989 Dunedin
Confusion 1988 Christchurch
Windycon '87 1987 Dunedin
Halleycon 1986 Wellington
Norcon II 1984 Auckland
Windycon 1983 Wellington
Octacon 1982 Dunedin
Norcon 1981 Auckland
Wellcon B 1980 Wellington
Wellcon 1979 Wellington

NZ National Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions by Location